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Slinky - Metal (24 Cnt Cdu) [ITT7274]

""I think there could be a toy in this""

It's the 1940s and a chance observation of a torsion spring (ask the local marine engineer kids) rolling around on a desk inspired Richard James and his wife Betty to secure a $500 loan and set about creating one of the most iconic toys of all time.

In 1945, Richard and Betty launched the Slinky at Gimbel's Department Store in Philadelphia. They sold out of their initial batch of 400 in 90 minutes, the rest, as they say is history.

Today, the Slinky still manages to amaze both big and small kids, it's less of a toy, more of a cultural institution. Did they have to use that theme tune though?

Slinky facts

The name ""Slinky"" is a Swedish word, meaning sleek.

Over a quarter of a billion Slinky's have been sold worldwide. That's one for every 26 people on the planet.

During the Vietnam war, soldiers used Slinkys as radio antennas.

Today, all Slinkys are made in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania using the original equipment designed and engineered by Richard James.

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